An oral hygienist is a specialist in oral health and early treatment of dental and oral diseases.
The oral hygienist is responsible for maintaining oral health and, in particular, for preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

Services provided by an oral hygienist include:

  • Removal of tartar and treatment of gingivitis
  • Fluoride treatments to prevent decay and to treat sensitivity in teeth
  • Assessment of eating habits
  • Individual instruction in home dental care and the use of dental appliances
  • Cleaning of discoloured teeth, whitening treatments and installing dental jewellery

Compensation by Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Treatment by an oral hygienist can be reimbursed by Kela when the patient has a referral from a private dentist. Aesthetic dental treatment (e.g. teeth whitening for aesthetic reasons or installing dental jewellery) is not covered by Kela.

Removal of tartar

Tartar is hardened bacterial plaque that does not come off when you brush your teeth. A dentist or oral hygienist usually removes tartar using an ultrasound machine and/or hand instruments. The removal of tartar is aimed at preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Another important factor in the prevention and treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis is oral home care. The patient will be instructed in oral and dental home care and the use of the treatment equipment.

Teeth whitening

The starting point for whitening treatment is a healthy mouth. For example, tartar should be removed at least a few days before the whitening procedure. Whitening treatments can generally be given to patients who are of legal age, but they are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Whitening can be done at the clinic or at home, with a guided procedure. At the Tullinsuu and Uusisuu clinics, we also offer laser teeth whitening. When performed at the clinic, teeth whitening is done with the help of hydrogen peroxide. In laser whitening, the effect of hydrogen peroxide is enhanced by a laser light.

As an alternative, whitening can be done at home using whitening trays and carbamide peroxide. Whitening trays are produced according to the individual impressions of your teeth, and you can whiten your teeth at home following the instructions of your oral hygienist.

The substances we use for teeth whitening (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) remove staining from both the enamel and the dental bone. Whitening trays also serve in the treatment of caries-active patients undergoing chlorhexidine treatment or when using tooth mousse.

Ask about teeth whitening during your tartar removal visit or a separate consultation visit with an oral hygienist. They can tell you more about the whitening procedures and identify any individual factors that could affect the whitening of your teeth.

Powder cleaning

Powder cleaning is used to remove plaque and surface stains from teeth. The procedure quickly brightens your smile and can be used during or after orthodontic treatment.

Tooth colouring agents are found in coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, soy, cola drinks, etc. Powder cleaning can be done during a tartar removal visit if there’s no significant bleeding from the gums. Otherwise, a separate visit should be booked.

A powder based on erythritol, glycine or sodium bicarbonate is used in the procedure in combination with water and an air jet. It’s like a pressure washer for teeth. This procedure is also referred to as soda cleaning.

Dental jewellery for a unique smile

Dental jewellery is jewellery that is attached directly to a tooth. It is quick and painless to install and does not damage the tooth. You can eat and drink normally after the dental jewellery has been installed.

The dental jewellery doesn’t require any special treatment in your normal life. Treat it the same way you treat your teeth – brushing it regularly!

Where needed, dental jewellery can be removed at our clinic, leaving the tooth clean of any adhesive materials.

Dental jewellery can be bought in jewellery shops or online. Remember to take it with you to the appointment!

The installation of dental jewellery is done by an oral hygienist.

Price of installing dental jewellery: €50 + administrative fee €20