When talking about dental care for children, the consideration of the staff plays an important role in client comfort. Establishing a trusting relationship is a prerequisite for successful dental care. Our dentists at the Tullinsuu and Uusisuu clinics in Tampere are experts in treating children – you decide who you’d like to make an appointment with.

Preventive home care and regular dental and oral check-ups by a dentist and an oral hygienist are key to children’s dental care. Your child’s teeth should be checked every year.

Children’s mouths change as they grow. These changes need to be monitored so that a possible orthodontic treatment can be started promptly, and their growth spurts can be used to control jaw growth. Any accidents involving the teeth should also be checked by a dentist.

Children’s dental treatments can be carried out under pre-medication or general anaesthesia in cases where the usual methods don’t work due to the child’s age or dental anxiety.

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