Payment options for dental services

You can now pay for your treatment in instalments!

In addition to a fast and professional service, you can now also benefit from flexible payment options. Pay for your treatment conveniently using an overdraft facility. By choosing the account payment method, you will always have one month to pay for your procedures. Once you receive the invoice, you can either pay it at once or choose to pay in instalments of (e.g.) €50 per month.

The overdraft is a flexible payment option. Forget about taking a loan from your bank, and get the care you need easily with a small monthly fee.

Benefits of the overdraft facility:

  • Flat monthly payments (from €50/month) when choosing to pay for your treatment in instalments.
  • A flexible payment scheme. You can pay the minimum monthly instalment of your choice or more. The entire amount is payable at any time with no extra charges.
  • Two payment holiday months per year, where needed.

Features of the overdraft facility:

  • No credit establishment fee.
  • Account management fee €5/month (when account is used).
  • Interest rate OP-prime* +7.50%, total 11% (April 2024).
  • For example, the APRC calculated under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act (KSL) for a loan of €2000 with a repayment period of 24 months (2 years) is 18.64%, the nominal rate being 10,79%. The credit price is €2374,10 (April 2024). The calculation takes into account a monthly account management fee of €5. The credit is granted by OP Vähittäisasiakkaat Oyj

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* OP-Prime 0.75 % (09/2022)