Price list for basic dental care

The price list below includes indicative prices of our services. Dental care needs and pricing differ from one patient to another. For more accurate price estimates, please book an appointment. A €20 administrative fee is charged for each payment, and an invoicing surcharge of €11.50 is added for bank transfers.

The ‘personal liability’ amount is the amount payable by the patient after deducting the part reimbursed by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela.

The Kela reimbursement can only be deducted for patients who have a valid social security card issued by Kela. For removal of tartar by an oral hygienist, a Kela reimbursement is possible only when the patient has had such treatment referred by a dentist. Dentists can refer patients for further treatment during dental check-ups.

*Prices are valid at the Tullinsuu and Uusisuu clinics.

**TOur administrative fee covers online and mobile services, telephone appointment booking and reminder services, customer advice by phone and at the clinics, regulatory fees related to the Kanta service and system costs arising from regulatory requirements, costs of e-prescription, as well as any measures and protective equipment related to the organisation of an appointment.

***A 30% price increase is applied to appointments with specialist dentists.

Price list

Basic oral examination84 €68,50 €
Bitewing X-ray68 €62 €
Full dental X-ray
(OPTG, includes a radiologist’s opinion)
126 €117 €
CBCT imaging241 – 367 €202 – 301 €
Tartar removal by an oral hygienist
(charged per time, 30–60 minutes)
119 – 163 €111 – 145 €
1 surface filling111 €101 €
2 surface filling176 €159 €
3 or more surface fillings209 – 278 €190 – 255 €
Tooth extraction
(simple extraction by a general dentist)
119 €109 €
Local anaesthesia37 €34 €
Consultation for orthodontic treatment206 €206 €
Administrative fee20 €20 €
Bank transfer (including administrative fee)27 €27 €
Prescription0 €0 €
Laser whitening by an oral hygienist340 €340 €
Supplement for out-of-hours service, applied to emergency visits on Saturdays
(emergency visits on Saturdays are currently not offered)
45 €45 €